Multiple Stacks Active at Same Time

Steven Axtell saxtell at
Sun Mar 16 00:17:49 EDT 2008


Thanks for checking back on this.  I actually read it as "same" - didn't 
really notice the "save".

I haven't worked much with the lock screen command much - I'm definitely not 
a veteran with Rev.  I'm not exactly sure where I should insert the lock 
screen / unlock screen commands.  I did try at least putting it in the 
substack script.  I had put in the following code:

on preOpenStack
   lock screen
   pass preOpenStack
end preOpenStack

on OpenStack
   unlock screen
   pass OpenStack
end OpenStack

I did this hoping to lock the screen before the substack opened up.  The 
mainstack became inactive when the substack opened.  I need to do some more 
checking on this.


> Steve, i
> In rereading my post I see that my eyes let me down once again. When I 
> said "save technique", I meant "same technique"; I just don't want you 
> looking/trying some "save" thingie! You probably figured that out, but 
> just in case.
> Good luck,
> Joe Wilkins

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