Learn Programming in 1 Day

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Sat Mar 15 12:14:54 EDT 2008


sorry to be so abrasive, but IMHO none of these titles makes
any sense...
The 1st one has been already discussed. As for the 2nd one,
what exactly is a "functioning Program" ?
    put 1 + 1 into a
is a functionning program, as well as
    echo "hello world";
and both can be built in a large number of languages in less
than a minute...

Furthermore, I don't think this topic has anything to do with
semantics, but rather with the ergonomics of coding...

Therefore, I'd prefer "Learn how to produce a functionning
piece of software that will boost your (or your client's )productivity
and that isn't already available as freeware, shareware or commercial
app in 1 day"...

Or, as suggested in earlier posts, much better :

    "Learn how to code as you think in 1 day"
    "Kill your fear of programming in 1 day"


> Semantics time:
> There is a huge difference between "Learn Programming
> in 1 Day"
> and "Learn How to Produce Functioning Programs in 1
> Day".
> The first title, which ever way you cut it, is fairly
> nonsensical;
> HOWEVER, the second makes perfect sense with regard to
> Runtime Revolution.
> sincerely, Richmond Mathewson.
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