Is a RevCon a 'Guru only' event?

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at
Sat Mar 15 02:12:00 EDT 2008

I was fortunate to meet with Jim Ault year before last when I was in  
Vegas attending a World of Concrete Conference. Our hour together was  
most enjoyable and edifying; particularly since I had just started  
investigating Rev earlier the previous year after my lengthy 20 year  
adventure with HyperCard.

Unfortunately, this year I will not be able to meet all of the other  
fine Rev personalities I've encountered on this list by attending the  
RevLive Conference. This is partially due to the expense, but more  
importantly because of my physical limitations. I won't bore you with  
the details, but I've recently had to curtail many of my  
"professional" and "semi-professional" activities to aline with my  
recent physical and economic limitations; but I don't want anyone at  
or strongly affiliated with Rev to think that I'm ignoring or playing  
down the benefits of attendance. I guess I'm just really not much of a  
conference sort of guy anyway. But being much closer than many others  
to Vegas, I really should make the effort. Maybe things will change.  
If not, know that I will be there in spirit.

Anyone who is alive and well should try to attend, regardless of their  
level of expertise. If you've ever read any of my contributions to the website, you'll recognize my favorite mantra: "that  
the best way to learn anything is to teach it to someone else". So  
even the so-called Rev Experts and Gerus will find their participation  
most self-gratifying.

Joe Wilkins

On Mar 14, 2008, at 10:37 PM, Jim Sims wrote:
> Petrides, M.D. Marian wrote:
>> I had figured this conference was WAY over my head until I got the  
>> pre-conference session email yesterday. Now, I'm planning on  
>> attending the full conference + pre conference and also am trying  
>> to rope one or two of my other colleagues into coming along. Good  
>> show!
> Marian's email is extremely important. I am very glad that Marian  
> has proceeded past an
> initial fear that the RevCon is an 'expert only' or 'Guru' sort of  
> event. Not only that, Marian
> proceeds to conference promoter heaven by 'trying to rope other  
> colleagues' into attending.
> My experience, memories, and satisfaction with being involved in two  
> RevCons centers
> around the people I met. Of course, you'll be able to learn all  
> kinds of Rev tips and tricks,
> resolve lingering code issues, and gain programming insight. But for  
> me, getting to
> meet the actual people that make up one of the communities in my  
> life has been
> of tremendous value on several levels.
> My partner Cloe was most impressed and delighted to observe that the  
> so-called
> 'Gurus' of the Rev community were so approachable, confident, and  
> just plain
> regular folks. Not one was the stereotypical 'geek' who has problems  
> conversing
> with people or talks over everyone's head just to impress. Andre  
> might talk over
> my head sometimes but the guy is so infectiously enthusiastic and  
> positive that he inspires
> one to reach for that next level of skill. With the help of this  
> List, the people at Rev, and your
> RevCon experience you'll be able to reach higher personal levels of  
> achievement.
> I spend a good portion of my day in 'Rev Land' and being able to  
> meet some of the people
> who make up this community was worth far more than any time and  
> effort I put in.
> Be assured that the RevCon will not be a 'Guru Only' kinda thang.
> It's a people kinda thang.
> sims
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