Is a RevCon a 'Guru only' event?

Jim Sims sims at
Sat Mar 15 01:37:36 EDT 2008

Petrides, M.D. Marian wrote:
> I had figured this conference was WAY over my head until I got the  
> pre-conference session email yesterday. Now, I'm planning on  
> attending the full conference + pre conference and also am trying to  
> rope one or two of my other colleagues into coming along. Good show!

Marian's email is extremely important. I am very glad that Marian has  
proceeded past an
initial fear that the RevCon is an 'expert only' or 'Guru' sort of  
event. Not only that, Marian
proceeds to conference promoter heaven by 'trying to rope other  
colleagues' into attending.

My experience, memories, and satisfaction with being involved in two  
RevCons centers
around the people I met. Of course, you'll be able to learn all kinds  
of Rev tips and tricks,
resolve lingering code issues, and gain programming insight. But for  
me, getting to
meet the actual people that make up one of the communities in my life  
has been
of tremendous value on several levels.

My partner Cloe was most impressed and delighted to observe that the  
'Gurus' of the Rev community were so approachable, confident, and just  
regular folks. Not one was the stereotypical 'geek' who has problems  
with people or talks over everyone's head just to impress. Andre might  
talk over
my head sometimes but the guy is so infectiously enthusiastic and  
positive that he inspires
one to reach for that next level of skill. With the help of this List,  
the people at Rev, and your
RevCon experience you'll be able to reach higher personal levels of  

I spend a good portion of my day in 'Rev Land' and being able to meet  
some of the people
who make up this community was worth far more than any time and effort  
I put in.

Be assured that the RevCon will not be a 'Guru Only' kinda thang.
It's a people kinda thang.

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