Learn Programming in 1 Day

Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Fri Mar 14 20:42:24 EDT 2008


> "Learn Programming in 1 Day"
> really?


The "Day One Pass" previously offered just to people who purchased the 
RevSelect bundle is now available to everyone.

People who attend will begin with a "blank slate" and by the end of the day 
will produce a fully operational standalone application that works on Mac, 
Windows, and Linux. The courses build on each other and follow a 

-  Revolution fundamentals
-  Important scripting concepts
-  Manipulating text and data
-  Working with the file system
-  Orchestrating multimedia content
-  Exchanging data over the Internet
-  Lightning-fast database processing
-  Migrating from HyperCard
-  Building a standalone executable

Not only that, but those who order before March 31 will receive a free copy 
of the conference DVD, which contains all the sessions from the conference, 
all the sample stacks, etc. (It does not include the non-disclosure day, 

In other words, you'll get an intensive day of instruction presented by the 
best and brightest people in the community (people who have been helping out 
on this list for YEARS). As the mailer states, this is a great opportunity 
to achieve "liftoff" for programming. Because not only do you get the 
in-person training, but you also get a DVD you can take home and review what 
you learned on that day... PLUS ALL THE OTHER SESSIONS held during the 
conference. That's an incredible amount of content... a great value. Anyone 
who is interested in better comprehension of Revolution will benefit 

As stated by others, "learning" is not "mastery" -- if there is such a 
thing. Learning hopefully is a lifelong process. We don't promise that you 
will be able to single-handedly build an Office Suite at the end of the day. 
We do promise that you will acquire the experience you need to begin using 
Revolution effectively. I think the content of the mailer elaborates on this 

To the extent the subject line of the email is slightly 
provocative/controversial and got people to open it to learn more, I'm not 
apologetic. :) Having said that, I also think it's accurate and if what 
you're doing there is not "learning" I don't know what is!

- Bill 

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