Learn Programming in 1 Day

Cal Horner calhorner at xtra.Co.NZ
Fri Mar 14 17:26:12 EDT 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, 

What we have been witnessing here is the 'thin-skin'  phenomenon that all
programmers must go through in order to become MASTER Programmers. This
problem starts occurring from the day a potential programmer cuts his/her
first line of code for an end user and continues to the day the last
mousebutton is clicked.

The only remedy for this minor irritation is to sit back, have a good laugh
and go on to the next problem. If we can't give as good as we get, then we
shouldn't be classing ourselves as 'experts'.

My only suggestion to the presenters of the "learn Programming in 1 Day" sessions would be for them to stress what I have just said to the people attending the introduction.

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