Learn Programming in 1 Day

jbv jbv.silences at club-internet.fr
Fri Mar 14 12:18:50 EDT 2008

Richard Gaskin a *crit :

> But my first experience with an xTalk (after deciding computers were
> boring back in high school from having learned BASIC on a Wang) was the
> exhilarating feeling that comes with making a button and scripting simply:
>    on mouseUp
>      go next
>    end mouseUp
> In that instant I was hooked!

so why not say "Get hooked in 1 day" ?    ;-)

Seriously, I guess you already know from my contrbutions to this list during
the past few years that, although I've used different prog. languages, xTalk
remains my favorite.
But I'm afraid that claims such as "learn programming in 1 day" will keep
most serious programmers away from Rev for a long time, as they'll keep
seeing it as a funny toy for beginners...
How many times have we seen claims such as "do your own magazine in no
time" in the desktop publishing era, or "build your website in hours" more
recently ?

Besides, any seriously motivated person can learn the basics of programming
with various languages in short time... Yes, it'll be less fun and it'll take a load
more of motivation but nevertheless it can be done. I for one learned programming
in Fortran and PDP11 assembler, and believe me in short time I was hooked.
The truth is that "programmability is an addiction" per se. And of course, the more
ergonomic, the more addictive it gets...

What makes HC offspring so unique (and attractive) is the combination of the
stack/card paradigm with the possibility to code in (almost) fluent english...
And again, sorry for repeating myself (yes I'm aging), but "code as you think"
is better IMHO... May be it's been used already...


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