A chunking mystery

David Coker davidocoker at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 11:51:28 EDT 2008

>>Have you considered converting to tab-delimited instead of back to CSV?

Hi Richard,
Yes sir, that is something I have considered for sure and may decide
to go that route. Since the majority of the data files we use are in
csv, I just started with that rather than having to open and resave
each file in Excel prior to processing.

For the version I'm building for my own use here at the office, the
final data must be in CSV in order to be usable with our business
system, but the more generic version that I hope to offer to others
eventually, does already have a final conversion feature to choices of
csv, tabbed and piped formats.

>>With my WebMerge product I have to handle just about any delimited
columnar format...

Heh, although I haven't had the need to use it in quite some time, I'm
actually one of you registered users.

A nice piece of work there! :)


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