Learn Programming in 1 Day

jbv jbv.silences at club-internet.fr
Fri Mar 14 11:52:29 EDT 2008


> JB: I imagine you could probably learn quite a bit of Flash in one
> day. Since Rev is enormously better than Flash*** its certainly
> possible to learn to do useful work with it in one day.

I've been using Xtalk since 1987 and still discover tricks and new &
more efficient ways to achieve tasks with it.... So I agree with you :
it's no doubt possible to learn/teach the basics of Rev in 1 day, but that's a
completely different thing than "learning programming in 1 day".
Besides, what ppl evaluate as "useful things" is often determined by
their own level of programming skills. A complete newbie will be thrilled
to be able to build an adress book with a search function in 1 single day
(often by reusing pieces of code from various examples), but well, who would
dare to say that he/she learned programming ?

I don't want to keep this thread running forever, but I keep thinking that
"code as you think" would have been a better claim...

Best regards,

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