QT: How do I put text into a text file on the web (this is just too easy but can't get it to work)

William de Smet williamdesmet at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 15:11:52 EDT 2008

Hi there all,

This is an easy one but I having a lot of trouble with it.
I got a field with text and I want to put this text into a file
somewhere on the internet (www.server.com/textfile.txt). I put the
file there myself through FTP.

>From the documentation I got:
post field "Results" to URL "http://www.example.org/current.txt"

When I put this code into a button it doesn't work (of course adapted
to my own situation)
I looked at CHMOD and changed it from 644 to 777.
But no result.

What am I doing wrong?



William de Smet

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