Reminder: objects cannot be copied when stack is password-protected!!! Even in a standalone. Grrrrrr....

Jim Sims sims at
Thu Mar 13 01:05:18 EDT 2008

On Mar 12, 2008, at 8:46 PM, Josh Mellicker wrote:

> Setting the passkey in the preOpenStack script (or other startup  
> script) certainly allows a project (wherein objects need to be  
> copied) to function normally. But now that preOpenStack messages get  
> sent in the IDE in dp-5, I realize this technique of setting the  
> passkey defeats part of the purpose of password-protecting a stack,  
> since scripts can be viewed in the IDE (since simply opening the  
> stack in the IDE unprotects it).

Would using the environment function help you?

if the environment is "standalone application" then

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