question regarding print out of objects listing from the application browser

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Mar 12 22:18:42 EDT 2008

mfstuart wrote:
 > I looked up the Documentation for export snapshot and found that
 > you need to use the windowID property of the stack in the export
 > snapshot line to get images of the stack or card, in this case.
 > But first place the windowID into a variable:
 >   put the windowID of this stack into vWinID
 >   repeat with x = 1 to the number of cds
 >     go cd x
 >     put "c:/temp/snapshot" & x & ".png" into tfilename
 >     export snapshot from rect (the rect of cd x) of window \
 >         vWinID to file tfilename as PNG
 >  end repeat

Unless the card needs some initialization in your scripts, you can 
export its image without having to go to it:

   export snapshot from cd x of this stack
      to file tfilename as png

Mark W. made that extension to the export snapshot command a couple 
versions back (2.7?), and it's simplified so many things here.  It used 
to be that snapshots got their stuff from the general display buffer, 
which meant that you couldn't have any other windows overlapping the 
region of interest.  Then Mark changed the way snapshots work when he 
revamped the whole buffering scheme, so now when you use the new object 
specifier option it causes the object to be rendered into its own 
offscreen buffer, and that image data is what's delivered as the 
resulting image.

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