question regarding print out of objects listing from the application browser

Sadhunathan Nadesan sadhu at
Wed Mar 12 13:30:06 EDT 2008


Thank you for responding!

> Would this need to be cross platform, or would a Mac solution be  
> acceptable?

	65-70% PC users, 30-35% MAC, we need both, but prefer one
	code base.  I use a PC.

> Regardless, I think I would lay everything out using Rev stacks, take  
> screen shots of the finished stacks/cards/etc., and assemble one or  
> more PDFs of the results. 

That is what I was thinking of as the "hard way", certainly doable.

> On either platform, this could be done by  
> creating the layouts of the screen shots, along with any descriptions  
> you need/want using MacDraft or PCDraft. Very easily done. I do it all  
> the time on Macs. You can create multi-page PDFs of various page sizes.
> I hope I've understood what you're attempting to do.
> Joe Wilkins

Thank you for the suggestion.  I could take screen shots with Irfanview,
write up a word doc in Open Office, and export to PDF.  

I was hoping there was a way I could do it all with a tool straight from
the rev stacks.


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