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Tue Mar 11 22:43:17 EDT 2008

Both you and Len said to use RevZipOpenArchive.
That is what I used and the docs say to check the
result for any errors.  I did and the result said it is
not a Zip Archive.

After reading all the replies and have decided not
to bother using RevZip.


On Mar 11, 2008, at 2:52 PM, Sarah Reichelt wrote:

>> I was just playing around with the RevZip command and
>>  when I try to open a Zip file the result says it is not a zip
>>  file.  If I check the file info it says it is a zip file.
> Yes, see this bug < 
> id=5088>
> It happens if you add or remove files from a zip that was not
> originally created in Revolution.
>>  Also I don't see any command to open a file that is not a
>>  zip archive and compress it unless I already have a zip
>>  archive open.
> You need to specify a file name, open that file as a zip archive ready
> for updating, add new files to it, then close the zip file. Check the
> docs for the following commands:
>     revZipOpenArchive
>     revZipAddItemWithFile
>     revZipCloseArchive
>>  Is RevZip used only for some special RevZip files or is
>>  it for any Zip Archive?
> In theory, it works for any zip file, but at the moment, you can only
> edit zip files created in Rev. Unfortunately, this makes the zip
> library almost useless, since the only way to test whether a zip file
> will work is to risk corrupting it permanently and losing any data in
> it.
> Cheers,
> Sarah
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