question regarding print out of objects listing from the application browser

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at
Tue Mar 11 17:11:11 EDT 2008

Would this need to be cross platform, or would a Mac solution be  

Regardless, I think I would lay everything out using Rev stacks, take  
screen shots of the finished stacks/cards/etc., and assemble one or  
more PDFs of the results. On either platform, this could be done by  
creating the layouts of the screen shots, along with any descriptions  
you need/want using MacDraft or PCDraft. Very easily done. I do it all  
the time on Macs. You can create multi-page PDFs of various page sizes.

I hope I've understood what you're attempting to do.

Joe Wilkins

On Mar 11, 2008, at 1:34 PM, Sadhunathan Nadesan wrote:

> Apologies in advance if this information is something easy to find in
> the on line help or list archives, but here goes anyway.  I think it
> relates somewhat to the discussion recently about distributed  
> development,
> keeping things in text files, etc.
> Context:
> As part of the set of technical design documents for a software  
> project,
> I am thinking of creating a prototype in REV.  This would then be an
> easy way to 'catalogue' the entire set of objects in the application.
> In other words, the REV stack would be a spec for developers with each
> button, each field, each label, each menu choice organized visually,  
> in a
> semi- working prototype they could actually run, as well as,  
> providing the
> "application browser" tool to see a hierarchical view of, and navigate
> amongst objects.  It would even be possible to list comments for each
> object using the associated script.  Various methods or functions and
> handlers could also be stubbed out or written in psuedo-code, either  
> at
> the object level or in the stack or card scripts.
> Prototyping seems like a nice way to create a technical design spec.
> Problem:
> To read this "spec", you need REV.  (hey, buy it, right!?  or download
> free trial).  What about the audience of non technical users or  
> business
> stake holders - what if they want to see a PDF or something?
> Solution:
> Unknown?  Is there an easy way to print out or save in text form the
> same info being displayed in the application browser, and/or various
> object scripts?
> I can think of a 'hard way', hopefully someone will have a tool to
> suggest for an easy way?
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