question regarding print out of objects listing from the application browser

Sadhunathan Nadesan sadhu at
Tue Mar 11 16:34:25 EDT 2008

Apologies in advance if this information is something easy to find in
the on line help or list archives, but here goes anyway.  I think it
relates somewhat to the discussion recently about distributed development,
keeping things in text files, etc.


As part of the set of technical design documents for a software project,
I am thinking of creating a prototype in REV.  This would then be an
easy way to 'catalogue' the entire set of objects in the application.

In other words, the REV stack would be a spec for developers with each
button, each field, each label, each menu choice organized visually, in a
semi- working prototype they could actually run, as well as, providing the
"application browser" tool to see a hierarchical view of, and navigate
amongst objects.  It would even be possible to list comments for each
object using the associated script.  Various methods or functions and
handlers could also be stubbed out or written in psuedo-code, either at
the object level or in the stack or card scripts.

Prototyping seems like a nice way to create a technical design spec.


To read this "spec", you need REV.  (hey, buy it, right!?  or download
free trial).  What about the audience of non technical users or business
stake holders - what if they want to see a PDF or something?


Unknown?  Is there an easy way to print out or save in text form the
same info being displayed in the application browser, and/or various
object scripts?

I can think of a 'hard way', hopefully someone will have a tool to
suggest for an easy way?

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