QT controller when Buffer is true

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Tue Mar 11 01:01:48 EDT 2008

Colin Holgate wrote:
> I'm not surprised by this, it's the same in other tools, but when a 
> QuickTIme object is set to Buffer, the controller can't be used. The 
> thumb does progress as the movie plays, but as it can't be dragged, and 
> none of the other controller features can work, should the controller be 
> visible at all?

Rev leaves that up to you.

> Obviously I can hide it, and do my own custom buttons, I was just making 
> sure that indeed the controller isn't supposed to work when Buffer is true.

Yes, that's normal behavior. I believe it is documented in the 
"alwaysBuffer" dictionary entry. The usual approach is to do what you 
suggest and write your own scripted controls.

Good to know that Rev isn't the only tool that has to do this. There 
must be something about the QT API that forces this behavior.

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