Geometry Manager Reset

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Sun Mar 9 04:36:59 EDT 2008

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Sometimes on rare occasion, the GM will stop working. Perhaps a setting
conflicts with another. When this happens, it's most difficult to debug GM.
Here are some hints:

1) Turn off Script Debug mode (under the Development menu)

2) in the msg:
put true into gREVDevelopment

this turns on the development debugger, and when GM quits working it'll
throw an error.

3) resize the stack
Look at the thrown error and identify the control id which threw the error.
You might have to edit the script to put in the msg the id of the control.
Just don't save the stack as it's part of the revGeometry libraries you're

Another option:
If the control ID is not visible, then turn on the Script Debug mode and try
again. You should get a revGeometryBack error and a control id. Sometimes
with script debug on, it will 'freeze' the IDE, and you'll need to force
quit. Remember to write down the control ID before quitting.

5) in the msg:
select control id XXX
where XXX is the number of the control

6) edit the Geometry settings for that control. Click the 'Remove All'
button at the bottom of the Geometry palette.

in the msg:
This resets the GM settings for the stack

7) Now resize the stack and (fingers crossed) it should work fine!

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