Bespoke development

curry at curry at
Fri Mar 7 19:23:29 EST 2008

I am available for custom development work in Revolution and am 
currently looking for new projects. If you need help developing 
software, are new to Revolution, lack time for a project, need an 
extra hand, have an idea for software but need assistance in bringing 
it to life, or have a lot on your plate and need a subcontractor, 
please send me a note off-list. I've produced shareware since 1999 
and have been making software with Revolution for six years. Some 
examples of expertise include text and data manipulation, tables, 
image work, educational software, games, database, utilities, 
internet programs, file handling, playing sounds and movies, 
recursive algorithms, data formatting, precise timing and messages, 
regular expressions and faster non-regex searches, animation, cyclic 
effects such as color throbbing, and custom content management.

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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