NEWS FLASH -iPhone SDK event -- iTunes APP store

Jesse Sng jsng at
Fri Mar 7 11:11:04 EST 2008

>The iPhone version of XCODE is designed for the iPhone (XCODE Touch) 
>- input and the other
>features of the iPhone require it. Also, there is a technical requirement that
>you use an Intel Mac with Leopard.
>Looks like a major (maybe impossible) job for Rev to be involved in this.

Actually modified xcode code generation for the iPhone has been 
around for many months, but unsupported by Apple because this was 
done by the developer community. That's how a number of iPhone apps 
were developed, though without the benefit of being able to use a 
debugger or the simulator.

That meant that prior to the release of this SDK, standard code (with 
some limitations of course - no multiple windows etc) was already 
being used to make apps for the iPhone. Apple's SDK just takes all 
this much further.

All the input stuff is in the OS code or frameworks that's built in 
so you get to inherit lots of stuff automatically as long as you are 
using Cocoa. There's some new capabilities that are available, but 
for now, being able to create the kind of apps that we are able to do 
today (ok, 1 window apps) would already be nice.


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