2.9 or 2.8.1 – Same problem

Len Morgan len-morgan at crcom.net
Fri Mar 7 08:19:29 EST 2008

I noticed the same problem with an app of mine which worked perfectly on 
XP but when moved to Vista, printing just blew away Rev.  My printer is 
a Xerox Phasor 8400DN that I talk to over my network so our printer 
setups are different enough to (possibly) exclude driver issues although 
we could both just be "lucky." :-)

My problem is that it is not consistent.  Sometimes it DOES work.  Go 

len morgan

Tom Johnson wrote:
> All,
> I'm having a pretty server problem when printing. I'm not sure if it's Vista
> or my printer, computer, OS combination causing the problem but it nasty. I
> have a card with a screen captured image on it and a series of fields and
> check boxes that make up a form. The image is a black and white gif that is
> only about 65k. I have 33 different form configurations in this app. When I
> first started to set up the printing routine for the app. it crashed Rev
> every time. So I started removing one field at a time and I got to a point
> where it would print. If I add one more field I get a blank page off the
> printer. This was with 2.8.1. So I tried it in 2.9, same results. Here's
> another thing, when I try to print the script of the app from the script
> editor, it kills Rev. When I try to print using one of the exercise/examples
> in the "Getting Started Working with Scripts" it crashes Rev. Now here's the
> kicker. When I run the exact same print routine I have below on XP, no
> problem, it prints just fine.
> Thanks
> Tom
> Here's the configuration I'm running:
> Vista Home Premium
> Toshiba - Satelite A215
> AMD Turion 64 x2 Mobile Technology TL-56 1.80 GHz
> 1 Gb of RAM
> 250 Gb HD
> Printer - Lexmark, X9350 wit the latest drivers
> Here's the print script:
> on mouseUp -- script of print button on this card
>     set the printscale to .68
>     set the printmargins to 18,18,18,18
>     set the printpapersize to 612,792 -- 8.5x11 inches, US Letter size
>     set the width of this stack to 840
>     set the height of this stack to 1083
>     hide me -- hide the print button
>     open printing
>     print this card
>     close printing
>     set the height of this stack to 700
>     set the width of this stack to 882
>     show me
> end mouseUp
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