NEWS FLASH -iPhone SDK event -- iTunes APP store

Jesse Sng jsng at
Fri Mar 7 07:31:13 EST 2008

>And check this out - the iTunes App store?? AWESOME FOR DEVELOPERS
>>Native iPhone apps will be distributed through the iTunes App 
>>Store, with wireless downloads. Developers pick the price, and get 
>>70% of revenue. The 70% will be paid out to developers monthly, and 
>>there are no other recurring fees. The iTunes App Store will handle 
>>over the air updates to your applications. Developers of free 
>>applications will not be charged for Apple to deliver their 
>>applications through iTunes.

Awesome stuff. Now the development is all done using Xcode and Cocoa. 
I'm wondering if it would be possible to port the Revolution engine 

What the App Store needs is the kind of explosion of applications 
that we enjoyed when Hypercard first came on the scene and Steve Jobs 
said that they would be hosting FREE applications, not just software 
for retail.

Jesse Sng

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