Extracting pitch information from sound files

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I'm not sure pitch analyzis is a job for Rev... At least Rev can be used
to build a front-end for data display, but for sound analyzis per se, you'll
be more comfortable with software built for that purpose : just off the top
of my head : some Csound functions or various phase vocoders (some
available as shareware, some for a licence fee like the IRCAM tool (I forgot
the name)... May be can you pick up some specific C/C++ libraries on the
web and use them as externals in your Rev app...

hope that helps,

> The subject line pretty much says it all, but more specifically I
> want to statistically analyse change in pitch, not play it, save it
> as sound or relate it directly to any musical system.  So any kind of
> rational number would be fine, and I would then chuck away
> the .wav .aiff or whatever.
> 1/  How hard would it be to parse sound files recorded in Rev and
> extract just the chunks of data relating to pitch ?
> 2/  Does it make any difference if the sound is complex (like an
> animal call) or simple like a signal from a tone generator?
> 3/  Are any of the formats offered by Rev easier to handle in this
> respect?
> 4/  Assuming standard bit rates, how much pitch data would be
> generated by, say a ten second recording?
> 5/  I have settled for post hoc parsing rather than 'on the fly'
> processing because I assumed the overhead would be too great for the
> latter to work.  Is that right?
> 5/ Are there any other sensible questions I should be asking?
> Best Wishes,
> David Glasgow
> Carlton Glasgow Partnership
> http://www.i-psych.co.uk
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