Possible Bug

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Thu Mar 6 23:11:11 EST 2008

When you 'enter a group', Rev does some fancy 'behind the scenes'
stuff to make it look like you're actually editing a group. But IIRC,
they've created a new stack with the same objects and let you edit
them there. The old (original) stack is now gone and only comes back
when you get out of group edit mode.

This is why you are seeing problems when trying to edit scripts of
objects which are not in the group to begin with. This issue has to do
 with how the engine works, as there really is no 'group edit mode'
supported by the engine (AFAIK).

My rule is to jump into group edit mode, do quickly what I need, then
jump back out ASAP.

Perhaps this is a bug, but it's going to be a very hard one to properly fix.


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