My cursor show as all black

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Thu Mar 6 19:27:51 EST 2008

Regarding created cursors showing up as black, I realize that you are not 
using Photoshop, but perhaps something in the following directions for creating 
cursors in Photoshop make be useful in the program you are using:
1.   Open Photoshop. Name the image, Mode being RGB color, Background 
Transparent, and width and height 16 pixels.
2.   Change Image/Mode to Indexed Color, using the defaults for indexed color 
(Palette: Exact; Forced: Web; Transparency checked; Matte: none)
3. With image maximally magnified, used the pencil tool to insert black or 
white pixels.   Enclosed areas can be filled with white or black if desired and 
pixels can be erased if desired.
4.   Save as PNG.   
5.   Bring the PNG image into Revolution and note it's ID number (it may be 
1003 for instance).
6.   In the script to call the cursor write:
on mouseUp
set lockcursor to true
set the cursor to 1003 -- if that's the ID number
end mouseUp

All cursors should show up fine on both Mac and Windows. (I used Mac OS X 
with Revolution 2.7 in development)

It is interesting that sometimes there can be two identical pictures in 
Photoshop, one of which will show up cursors correctly and the other will show up 
only a white square or a black filled image, even though all the parameters in 
Photoshop seem to be the same!!   I don't know why this should be the case but 
it implies that there is something different about the two images even if not 
apparent.   This can be easily corrected either by creating a new Photoshop 
16x16 document, carefully duplicating the pixels of the defective image, or 
more simply, just pasting the defective image into the new Photoshop document.   
The cursors should then appear fine.

If anyone would like a set of cursors created in this way, just let me know 
and I'll email them at no charge.
Stephen Goldberg
stgoldberg at

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