my cursor shows as all black

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Mar 6 17:26:11 EST 2008

Cool, so the old trick still does work, with the caveat of editing 
outside the cursor bounds. I'll make a note of that.

Only one more thing: if you are planning to go cross platform with this 
app, your cursor can't be 32 pixels square. Linux and Mac support only 
16 pixel square cursors.

Other than that, good going. :)

mfstuart wrote:
> Hi Jacqueline,
> I just attained a level of satisfaction using my own image cursors in
> RunRev.
> Here's what I've done:
> 1) Since I don't have PhotoShop, I use Axialis' IconWorkshop to create the
> 32x32 image and save it as a GIF file, two colors: black and white only, no
> transparency.
> 2) In RunRev, I import the GIF file.
> 3) Next I click on the image and use the Magnify option to apply
> transparency: here's how to do that...
> In the magnified thumbnail, use the eraser to remove the color (white)
> "around" or "outside" the image that will appear as the cursor. Make sure
> you set the eraser size to the smallest size. For those areas that you can't
> remove with the eraser, use the right button (on windows) and click on those
> areas. Doing all this applies a transparency to the image, except the part
> that will appear as the cursor.
> **IMPORTANT - make one pixel "outside" the cursor area to be white or black.
> If you don't do this, and when using the cursor in your application, the
> colors will be reversed.
> ie: where you defined white it will be black, and where you defined black it
> will be white.
> 4) Close the magnified box and then choose a non-paint tool to stop editing.
> Check the Color properties for the image: this is the way they should be
>  First Color = white
>  Second Color = black
>  Third Color = white
> hope that can help someone,
> Mark Stuart
> J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> mfstuart wrote:
>>> Hi again Jacqueline,
>>> I looked at the browse.gif image on the revCursors stack in RunRev.
>>> It shows on the Colors & Patterns properties that the First Color is
>>> black,
>>> Second Color is white.
>>> I tried applying the same colors on my gif image after importing it into
>>> RunRev, but didn't help.
>>> In IconWorkshop, before exporting an image to gif, there are 3-4 options
>>> to
>>> set.
>>> I'll continue playing with those settings, because I just bought this
>>> software online.
>>> Got to be able to pay for it some how.
>>> Is GC available for WinXP?
>> Sorry, no. It's Mac OS X only. I'm not familiar enough with Windows 
>> tools to know of a replacement (I do all my Windows icons and cursors on 
>> a Mac) but maybe someone here does. There has got to be something 
>> equivalent, I'd think.
>> There is one more old trick that people used to use, but I haven't 
>> mentioned it because several people have said it no longer works. But I 
>> guess it is worth a try. Import your image (at the correct size) as a 
>> GIF image. Using the pencil tool, edit a pixel or two. The editing is 
>> what matters; you don't have to keep the changes. For example, you can 
>> toggle one pixel from black to white, and then toggle it back to black 
>> again. Then choose a non-paint tool to stop editing.
>> This used to force the image to the correct palette for use as a cursor, 
>> provided your image was black and white to begin with. You might want to 
>> see if that works.
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