Anyone using GLX2???

Malte Brill revolution at
Thu Mar 6 16:05:02 EST 2008

My name is Malte and I am a GLX2 user. Currently I am undergoing a 12  
step program to be able to live without it at customers places...

Jokes aside:

Never ever will I want to switch back to the original Script Editor in  
the IDE. Working with GLX is such a relief, once you get used to it.  
When I am forced to use the original editor at some customers place I  
often sit there with a blank stare when I can not navigate through a  
script just by clicking the handlername...
Sure, GLX has a glitch or two, but so does the original editor. The  
productivity boost GLX offers just outweights everything that comes  

Just my 2 euro cents


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