how to print to file in landscape mode?

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Wed Mar 5 10:40:48 EST 2008

Mark, it says in my dictionary (2.9 beta 5) that printRotated is now 
deprecated and does the same as what I have used, setting to landscape mode 
which is preferable.

What is also very odd is that when I check in the message box, the mode does 
indeed return landscape.

It is possible, from a communication from support, that you have to use lp to 
print.  I'm not, I'm printing to a jetdirect seemingly using socket, which 
has been set up in CUPS - don't quite understand all this stuff.  

But surely none of this should matter if we are just printing to a file?  The 
problem is not with printing once I have the file.  I can print the file fine 
using kprinter.   The problem is generating a ps file in landscape form to 
print.  Or does it use lp to generate the ps file?  if so, there should be 
someplace a script to change its parameters.

The problem seems to be a bit narrowed down by the discovery that in page 
setup invoked from the script, if you change the paper layout from portrait 
to landscape, the height and width measurements do not change.  So this 
suggests an oddity in Rev's handling perhaps?


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