Revolution Reading GPS Data

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Wed Mar 5 06:40:59 EST 2008

>  There seemed when I was working in this area to be two main sources of the
>  latter: FTDI and ??Prolific?.  Although the devices I was working with were
>  Windows only, I was able to find Mac drivers for both of these things with a
>  bit of googling on the net (because other products are using the same
>  chipsets, and are marketed with Mac software).  Once I got these installed I
>  could simply open a "port" called /dev/cu.usbserial, and found that I was
>  talking to the GPS device as if it was a serial device.  So in fact Rev was
>  dealing with a serial device; and the actual SiRF chipset was a serial device;
>  there were just a few layers of bridging over USB going on between the two.
>  So I reckon that there's a fair chance that you could establish communication
>  with the device (though mind you I did this a couple of years ago, on a
>  PowerPC - I've not checked whether Intel versions of these drivers are now
>  available).

I use FTDI serial-USB adapters at work, and I know they do come with
versions that can be attached directly to a circuit board, so that is
probably what is being used in these cases. There are Intel drivers
available, just google FTDI drivers and see what you get.


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