Start IDE with the last open stack

Thierry 00bioarchimed at
Wed Mar 5 04:57:35 EST 2008

Bonjour Eric,

> Probably you could add 'revShutDown' to the messages sent to your  
> plugin in order to write a text file with all info needed when the  
> user quits Rev.
> And restore when your plugin is loaded again at next startup.

Mais bien sur ... 'revShutDown'  !
Merci :-)

So, still unclear about
  the scripts to be restored in the Glx2 Script Editor....

How do I get this information ?


> Le 5 mars 08 à 10:09, Thierry a écrit :
>> Hello All,
>> I have a Start-Plugin which set up few things:
>>      browse mode,
>>      close tools,
>>      set the rect of Glx2 script window,...
>> Now, i would like to do :
>>  - open automaticaly the stack
>>              I was working on before closing the IDE
>>  - open nothing if I close the IDE with no opened stacks
>>  - and a bit more: Open all the scripts which were opened
>>     before closing the IDE again. ( Glx2 editor )
>> Some clue, hint or pointers for this ?

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