OT: Best Windows Emulator on Mac?

Robert Brenstein rjb at robelko.com
Tue Mar 4 21:35:46 EST 2008

On 04/03/08 at 22:22 -0300 Andre Garzia apparently wrote:
>I've paid for both parallels and vmware.
>parallels was wonderful till version 2, now it's dead slow. VMWare
>fusion works wonderfully, even better than parallels ever did. I am
>very happy with VMWare, one of my best buys ever!

I was just comparing Parallels and VMware. They seem to be similar in 
performance running Windows XP Pro on a brand new iMac, but I read a 
review in MacTech that Vista is visibly faster under VMware. Mac must 
have 3, preferably 4, GB RAM to run Vista. Parallels is more 
integrated with OS X, including lots of visual effects. VMware has a 
better (subjectively speaking) feel to it. Parallels has more 
goodies, like a utility to resize Windows disk or specifying the 
order of devices to boot from, but VMware has somewhat cleaner 
control of VM, including being able to look at the setting when 
machine runs. Standard apps run fine on either one. Both have 
problems when come to playing action games. They do not advertise the 
true graphics card to Windows, so games that are particular about 
hardware think they are on el-cheapo machine and refuse to run. A few 
games that ran, fared a bit better on Parallels. VMware's machine had 
some problems with text display.


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