Newbie issue - fld vs bg field vs cd field

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Tue Mar 4 16:38:12 EST 2008


I'm don't quite understand when (or if) it is necessary to specify cd  
fld "whatever"  vs bg fld "whatever"  vs  fld "whatever" in Rev. When  
confusion arises, I'm solving it by trial and error. Some of my  
stacks and scripts, retreaded from hypercard, require the correct  
field or button specification, or there is "no such object."

I once knew the rules in hyperCard, but they were rather confusing.  
As I recall, fields were presumed cd fields, unless specified bg  
fields, and buttons were presumed bg buttons, unless specified cd  
buttons. As I recall, this was changed in Rev.

It seems to matter that a field or button belongs to a group, if  
"behave like a background" is turned on, but I'm not certain. I  
looked at the Rev documentation, but couldn't find the explanation.

A brief explanation of the rules for specifying fields and buttons in  
Rev scripts would be appreciated. A link or documentation citation  
will suffice.

Is it better to ask newbie questions here or on the web forum?



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