Please Test Revolution 2.9 Beta!

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Mar 4 11:36:05 EST 2008

Bill Marriott wrote:
> Thanks so much for asking, I was just about to post to the list a plea for 
> people to test.
> As many long-time list participants know, we are reaching the end of long 
> process to release Revolution 2.9, which I sincerely believe will be the 
> most functional, most reliable, and highest-quality version of the product 
> ever released. Our goal with this edition is to ensure there's absolutely no 
> reason to use any other version of the software. (We know there a few hold 
> outs who have stuck with Revolution 2.6.1 or, bafflingly, even older 
> editions.)
> In Revolution 2.9 you will find:
> - Top-notch support for modern Linux, Vista, Mac Classic(!) and Leopard
> - New features, language commands and functions
> - Totally revamped printing, clipboard, and drag-drop support
> - Vastly improved user guide and documentation
> - Hundreds and hundreds of bug fixes
> - And much, much more
> In short, Revolution 2.9 is intended to give you and users of your solutions 
> the absolute best experience.

I think Bill's being modest. :)

The v2.9 cycle has been perhaps the most thorough, well organized, and 
well executed in the history of the product.

But he's right:  the more people pounding on it, the better we can 
ensure the overall quality of the product.  Each of you is doing 
something a bit different from anyone else, and with a product as 
flexible as Rev we need that broad coverage to make sure every critical 
bug is taken care of before release.

Your help testing this version will make the software you deliver with 
Rev better.  For a modest effort now in this testing cycle, you have the 
opportunity to lower your own tech support costs by finding issues and 
having them addressed now, before release.

They've made it about as easy as possible to participate.  Please join 
in the effort to make this the best Rev release ever.

  Richard Gaskin
  Managing Editor, revJournal
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