found some lost printing in Linux 2.9

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Tue Mar 4 03:30:33 EST 2008

OK, the following seems to more or less work for printing cards.  

First you have to set the printerOutput to some file.

Then print the relevant card using print

This results in a postscript file appearing in the default folder.

Then you do

put shell("kprinter <the print file>")

which brings up a dialogue box from which printing can happen.  You can 
probably use a2ps also, but kprinter is safer - a2ps is an optional install. 

It needs fixing.  Both in documentation and in practice.  No other modern app 
requires you to invoke kprinter or a2ps from the command line to print.  If 
this is how to print cards in Linux, its has to be prominently documented.


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