real time monitoring, etc... was Revolution Reading GPS Data,

viktoras didziulis viktoras at
Tue Mar 4 03:04:08 EST 2008

  ...trying to figure out more than one (well... two) way of  how one 
can make Revolution read a constant data stream coming via sockets, 
"never ending" log files,  GPSes or any other real time monitoring 
system. Application has to display the changing status of these readings 
and in the same time have the user interface with all the buttons and 
menus completely responsive to user actions.

So far the only way I can imagine is creating 2 separate applications - 
app_1 reading the monitoring data constantly and displaying it, app_2 
controlling the first via shared file, socket or a database. The shared 
resource has to be scanned repeatedly by the app_1 for the control 
commands. However the problems with this approach are:
1) data flow reading process has to be interrupted to scan for control 
parameters and therefore readings are incomplete. Otherwise if I specify 
" read from ... until end "  app_1 will turn into something user losses 
the control over, because there is no "end". In this case the only 
remaining control is to switch the app_1 off by killing its process;
2) application GUI has to be split into 2 separate windows, I would 
prefer having both app_1 and app_2 in a single window.

Are the other ways to handle this in Revolution without having to write 
an external handler in C++?

Best regards

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