maxWidth resizes but not maxHeight - Which is right?

Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Mon Mar 3 21:52:23 EST 2008

Hi Mark,

Actually when this script is executed the width of the window does  
resize on it's own. I push the button and the new size is set to 800 &  
700 then I hit the button again and now the 650 & 450 are set AND then  
the width actually resizes to the 450 on it's own. Nothing else is  
touched except the button.

The button is a test for when a picture or web page is larger than the  
current size thereby allowing a resize button to drag to a new size  
for better viewing. But because the window auto resizes the width I  
have to deal with that.

I am testing to see these different sizes and how they will work with  
different images etc.

I guess from what you're saying that the window is not supposed to  
resize it self by itself. I am wondering what is could be causing this?


On Mar 3, 2008, at 4:20 PM, Mark Schonewille wrote:

> Hi Tom,
> The maxHeight and maxWidth don't change the stack's size  
> immediately. These properties only affect the actual window size if  
> the user resizes the window manually. So, at the moment when you  
> press the button, your script does nothing. Only if the user has  
> manually set the height to the mexHeight, the script will have an  
> effect the *next* time the user resizes the window. What do you need  
> this script for?
> Best regards,
> Mark Schonewille
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> On 3 mrt 2008, at 22:13, Thomas McGrath III wrote:
>> Is there a reason this script causes the width of the stack to  
>> shrink when the height is not 800 BUT not the height.
>> What I mean is that this script will not adjust the height at all  
>> and will not enlarge the stacks width but when the height is 800 it  
>> WILL resize the stack window to the 450 maxWidth and no others?????
>> on mouseUp pMouseBtnNo
>>   if the maxheight of this stack is 800 then
>>       set the maxheight of this stack to 650
>>       set the maxwidth of this stack to 450
>>   else
>>       set the maxheight of this stack to 800
>>       set the maxwidth of this stack to 700
>>   end if
>> end mouseUp
>> Thanks Tom
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