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Sivakatirswami katir at
Mon Mar 3 14:02:26 EST 2008

Andre Garzia wrote:
> Yes, I use magic carpet daily and it saves a lot of time. Me and
> Sivakatirswami works on the same projects using magic carpet and we
> never run into a problem. I think Magic Carpet is one of the killer
> apps available for Revolution Developers and anyone doing serious work
> in Rev can benefit from it.
> CVS/SVN and the other usual suspects can't really deal with Stacks,
> Magic Carpet is built with stacks... really, it works very well!
> Andre

Ditto that... I've had experience with Adobe's Version Cue, terminal cmd 
line RCS and Magic Carpet. The latter tops them all for simplicity and 
flexibility, and, if it's Revolution stacks you are wanting to 
collaborate on, well, it's really the tool of choice... Run, don't walk 
to Altuit to get this little gem.

Note, I think it might serve equally well for other kinds of documents 
as well...  version control over,  MSword docs, or OmniOutliner files... 

> On 3/1/08, Chipp Walters <chipp at> wrote:
>> Coming a bit late to this party. I've successfully used Rev in a
>>  multi-developer environment using our own auto-update architecture and
>>  MagicCarpet.
>>  It basically works like this. Individual developers check out stacks
>>  from a web server using MagicCarpet, work on them, then check them
>>  back in (with notes if they like). MagicCarpet can be setup to
>>  automatically archive versions, so you can 'roll back' to an older
>>  version if necessary. Because of our auto-updating architecture, as
>>  soon as someone checks in a stack, it is instantly made available to
>>  anyone with the application's executable (Mac or PC). New files are
>>  automatically downloaded into a plugins folder, after a successful
>>  launch. Our MGC architecture also handles downloading and
>>  uncompressing of zip archives as well.
>>  With small groups of developers, each can be assigned a specific
>>  library (stack) to work on. Jerry Daniels, Andre Garzia and Sarah
>>  Reichelt are a few who have used this technique successfully.
>>  Just another point of view...
>>  -Chipp
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