Unexpected Windows nastiness

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Mon Mar 3 12:17:29 EST 2008

David Glasgow wrote:

> In Win XP the filenames load and fields are populated as expected.  
> Attempting to use any control, or indeed clicking anywhere on the card 
> causes all the fields bar one disappear behind (?) a dark grey colour.  
> The single visible field and all obscured controls are unresponsive.  
> Clicking generally causes the 'program not responding' thingy to be 
> thrown by the OS.  Not doing anything seems to have no effect, except 
> the fans slowly crank up to full speed.

I don't know what's wrong, but since no one else has answered, I'll try 
anyway. :) What I'd do to track this down is to capture the file name of 
the image as it occurs in your script (for example, from the variable 
watcher,) and then see if you can use that file name in a simple button 
handler or from the message box to successfully load an image into an 
image object. I'm thinking the grey color is an image that may not be 
loading correctly. It's all I can think of to try, at any rate.

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