Revolution Reading GPS Data

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Sun Mar 2 22:20:23 EST 2008

On Mon, Mar 3, 2008 at 4:26 AM, Graham Samuel <livfoss at> wrote:

> This interests me also - I have a simple GPS device (a so-called
> 'training' device) which captures trackpoints and waypoints. Its
> current PC software is just that, i.e. it doesn't work on a Mac, and
> more or less the only thing it can do is to create a kml file for use
> by Google Earth.

Just bought a Garmin Edge 305 and apart from it's list of cool features the
thing that had me opening my wallet was 'with Mac drivers and Software' :-)

I currently don't intend to talk to the Garmin with Rev (although I'll keep
an eye on how this thread develops, and who knows I might give it a crack)
but I think, once the files are downloaded I might try to sneak into them
with Rev and see what I can do. I see some software out there that adds
extra info to the data, like weather conditions, to correct data for wind
speed and barometric variations.

I've checked the central weather bureau and they collect data from a bunch
of  automatic weather stations, a couple of which are in the vicinity of
where I ride. The output is every 10 min, and it's available within 15 min
on their site and goes back 24 hrs. Unfortunately the format is in the form
of a graph - great to get a quick 'visual' overview of what the weather's
been doing, but it's going to be a pain to try and 'reverse' it back into
plain numbers. Anyone attempted this in Rev?

Anyway, that's all a long way off yet. I got to get the thing first. You see
I bought it, but have now given it to my wife so she can give it to me for
my birthday :-)
How else am I going to prevent getting some item of clothing that I have no
real interest in - the last suit she got me cost more than twice as much as
the Edge - and lets face it, I have 10 times the interest in any 'gadget'
than any piece of clothe ;-)

PS The reason we own Macs is because way back in 1987 my wife bought a 512K
for me to give to her for her birthday; something I'm so pleased she did :-)

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