Revolution Reading GPS Data

Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Sun Mar 2 16:49:22 EST 2008


What is the make and model of the device?

Most of the devices that I have seen (even the USB only ones) use  
serial commands or a converter to serial commands. I have come across  
a few generic USB drivers for things like the Keyspan High Speed  
Serial converter. It is a Serial to USB hardware converter. BUT it  
uses serial commands in the device, the USB driver only emulates a  
serial port on the Mac.

I have also noticed that other types of devices use the same exact  
driver. I can look it up if you tell me more.

So a little more info on the device will help.

Tom McG

On Mar 2, 2008, at 3:26 PM, Graham Samuel wrote:

> This interests me also - I have a simple GPS device (a so-called  
> 'training' device) which captures trackpoints and waypoints. Its  
> current PC software is just that, i.e. it doesn't work on a Mac, and  
> more or less the only thing it can do is to create a kml file for  
> use by Google Earth. I am not at all sure that it uses the same  
> chipset as the mainstream GPS devices (the kind you can pre- 
> programme with a route, like Garmin etc), but my main problem in  
> even starting to deal with it is the lack of USB capability in Rev.  
> In order to talk to the device, I have to have a USB driver of some  
> kind and I absolutely do not know where to start. I have tried  
> emailing both the retailer and the manufacturer for advice but  
> neither has bothered to reply.
> Has anyone got any advice about cracking the USB problem?
> Graham

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