Printing problems

Tom Johnson tom.quailcreek at
Sat Mar 1 11:35:55 EST 2008

Hi All,
I'm having some major problems with printing. All I want to do is print a
single card. It's not a big, elaborate deal. There is a gif image that
covers the entire card and there are numerous fields and some checkbox
buttons that lie on the gif. It seems like there is a limit to the number of
object that can be printed from a card. Is this true? So I began removing
objects one-by-one to find the limit. But that didn't turn up anything that
fixed the problem. However, when I reached a certain number of objects all I
got was a blank page off the printer. If I set format for printing to true I
have even more problems. The script I'm using is below. I would appreciate
any help. This is the last piece of a six month project tat I really need to
finish up.


ON mouseUp
    lock screen
    open printing

    set the printscale to .68
    set the printmargins to 18,18,18,18
    set the printpapersize to 612,792
    set the width of this stack to 840
    set the height of this stack to 1083

    hide me
    print this card
    close printing

    set the height of this stack to 700
    set the width of this stack to 882
    show me
    unlock screen
END mouseUp

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