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Sat Mar 1 04:11:24 EST 2008

Unfortunately a few functions in Rev require use of ID (or long ID) when 
referring to objects...
RevDictionary says: use the altID property to specify an additional ID 
for an object. Both the ID and the altID property are checked when you 
refer to an object by ID.

Of course it would be nice to have a possibility to set any ID from 
script (should we ask for an enhancement, is this possible at all?). 
Meanwhile I wonder whether altID approach works reliably in all cases.

B.t.w the dictionary warns:  be careful not to set an object's altID 
property to the ID of an object of the same type. Since both properties 
are checked when you refer to an object by ID, doing this may cause the 
wrong object to be found because its altID property is the same as the 
ID of the object you want.

Gotcha: how do we know in advance what ID will be assigned to an object 
to avoid matching ID and altID of two different objects? Will the 
Revolution engine check uniqueness of both IDs and altIDs?  Is there any 
way to ensure that no ID and altID for any two objects match ?

All the best!

Thierry wrote:
> Well, if you're able to *not* set 'hard' values of any ids in your code,
> then the serialization ( dump ) of a stack is not a problem, no ?
> and then, you can use any CVS/SVN/BZR tool to manage your versions
> in a very subtle way.
> I've done that for an old project, but didn't serialize ( export ) all
> properties, only a few.... but it did work !
> Regards,
> Thierry
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