Team Development using Run Rev

Thierry 00bioarchimed at
Sat Mar 1 02:27:10 EST 2008

Le 1 mars 08 à 02:11, Mark Wieder a écrit :

> "Stephen-
>> It should be said that (almost?) every object in rev can be  
>> created by
>> script. As an exercise I've written scripts that go through all  
>> objects in
>> a stack and make up a list of statements that can later be  
>> executed and
>> recreate everything, including custom properties and scripts. It  
>> gets a
>> little crazy with groups inside groups, but it can be done.   
>> Base64 is
>> one's friend in this instance.
>> Would these scripts (all text) work in a code versioning environment?
> Almost. I can deconstruct and reconstruct objects and entire  
> stacks, but ids
> are the Achilles heel here. For some reason object ids are set in  
> stone at
> creation time. This works out ok in most cases, but if you have  
> code that
> references objects by id then the recreation approach won't work  
> because the
> rebuilt objects will almost certainly have different ids from the  
> original
> objects.

Well, if you're able to *not* set 'hard' values of any ids in your code,
then the serialization ( dump ) of a stack is not a problem, no ?
and then, you can use any CVS/SVN/BZR tool to manage your versions
in a very subtle way.

I've done that for an old project, but didn't serialize ( export ) all
properties, only a few.... but it did work !


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