Semi-automatic Index generation?

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Thu Jul 31 13:44:29 EDT 2008

On Jul 31, 2008, at 2:12 AM, viktoras didziulis wrote:

> Hi David,
> you might wish to discard the 1000 most frequently used words from  
> your
> list:
> English:
> German:
> Another approach is statistical - take the whole text, sort words by
> their frequency (count) of appearance in the text. If you put them  
> on a
> graph you would notice  characteristic 'power law' distribution. Set  
> the
> absolute or relative frequency or count value at which to cut the  
> tail.
> This tail is what holds all the rare or interesting words of the text.
> For example if the text is large you may discard the first 500-1000
> words in the list sorted by word count. All words that remain should  
> be
> the ones that are more-less interesting.
> The easy way produce such a frequency list is by using arrays. The
> principle is like this:
> local arrayWords
> repeat for each word myWord in theText
> add 1 to arrayWords[myWord]
> end repeat
> now the keys are words and values are word counts in arrayWords.

Slick, and so simple. This is going into my script library. Thanks,  



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