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Thu Jul 31 11:23:23 EDT 2008

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Le 31 juil. 08 à 17:03, Richard Gaskin a écrit :

> Bert Shuler wrote:
>> I have a main stack with 2 sub stacks.
>> I use the sub stacks as a db, flipping through the cards and  
>> saving  them on changes.
>> Now when making a standalone, the save does not save the sub-stack  
>> data.
>> What is the best way to use substacks for data?
> As Eric noted, applications cannot modify themselves at runtime, so  
> you'll want to break out any savable data stacks into a separate  
> stack file.

Actually, I never save any stack that is a part of any application  
I always prefer to use externals files (text, xml, database, etc.) to  
save user's data or his preferences.
And for stacks designed to run in the IDE (plugins, utilities) I  
create a custom propertyset in revpreferences stack.
This ensures that files I have created can't be corrupted in any  
case :-)

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