Shock: strange unheard of message path behaviour???

David Bovill david at
Thu Jul 31 08:33:57 EDT 2008

Lets look at what the script is doing in detail. Take an even simpler
example using names instead of short ids.

getprop image_Name
>     put the short name of the target into imageName -- "Test Image"
>     return the name of image imageName
> end image_Name

Now this script is in a fresh stack "Test Button" with nothing but the
button and no image. There is another stack "Test Image" with the image in

In the debugger you can see tha the last line of code translates to:

the name of image "Test Image"

and as this script is in a stack with no such image it should fail. Really
it should fail - there is no image "Test Image" in stack "Test Button" I
think what must be happening is that the act of setting a property changes
the default stack? Will test....

2008/7/31 Mark Smith <lists at>

> I'd expect it to work, since you're using <of stack  "image">, which means
> that the target includes the stack reference.
> Best,
> Mark
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