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Tue Jul 29 13:38:55 EDT 2008

Thanks, that info helps a lot.  I am still fairly new to Rev and have
never even made one of my stacks into a standalone yet so you
provided me a better understanding.

thanks again to everyone who replied.


On Jul 29, 2008, at 10:23 AM, Eric Chatonet wrote:

> Bonsoir JB,
> On any platform, you can't modify a standalone:
> So the best way, even for a simple stack, is to always save it in  
> the right state.
> And it will open as you wish the next time.
> To ensure that, all my stacks have a 'CleanStack' handler I feed  
> along my project gets ahead.
> It sets all controls in their 'initialized' state then save the stack.
> This is not enough as Pierre S. pointed it out:
> From this 'standard' state, a prefs file allows to modify what you  
> want to restore anything needed by the user when he opens your  
> project.
> Combination of both allow flexibility and security.
> Le 29 juil. 08 à 17:45, -= JB =- a écrit :
>> Here is a question that if it can't be done easily now might
>> be a good idea for a simple improvement to Rev;
>> Let's say I have a stack that uses many different buttons &
>> groups the state of these controls changes during using
>> the program but when I quit and restart I want the original
>> control settings to be opened with the rather than settings
>> the user changed the last time he/she used it.
>> For instance I might have a button the user clicks & it sets
>> the hilite true and the user does what they want, quits and
>> then starts the program up again I want the hilite to already
>> be set to false even though the last time used it was true.
>> I know in hypercard I would have a group of buttons and
>> fields showing that I didn't want to be showing when the
>> program starts.  So if the program crashed, power failure
>> or the user quit etc. while they were showing they would
>> be showing the next time the program was started.  To
>> correct it on openstack I would check their visibility and
>> if it was true I would hide them.
>> What would be nice is each control had an option that
>> could be checked true or false.  If it was true they way
>> you had the settings of the control would always be
>> used at startup and false at startup the last setting of
>> the control would be used like they are now.
> Best regards from Paris,
> Eric Chatonet.
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