Delete a stack from memory - fails?

Andre Garzia andre at
Tue Jul 29 00:12:04 EDT 2008


you must set the destroyStack property to true if you want it to be
removed from memory I think. Like:

set the destroystack of stack "Test" to true
close stack "test"


On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 5:37 PM, David Bovill <david at> wrote:
> What is a reliable way to delete a stack from memory?
> delete stack "test"
> can fail. I have a stack that was a library stack, contians no back or front
> scripts, that uses no externals but I cannot delete from memory.
> I am wandering if it could be due to having used shell commands that somehow
> have not closed properly - they are certainly not active. Is there anything
> I should look for, or any way to force a stack to be removed from memory?
> Ah seem to have found the answer.... make sure a script is not being edited
> or open in a tabbed script window in Galaxy script editor! This is the case
> even if the window of the script editor is closed! So now to figure out how
> to script the closing of any open Script Editors.... or to give up the idea
> of being able to reliably close a stack using script in the IDE?
> Any thoughts? I have a script which needs to make sure a particular stack is
> saved and removed from memory before it runs.
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