Which engine?

Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Mon Jul 28 23:45:54 EDT 2008


do you have shell access? it's easier to debug that way. I suspect a
ownership error. Can you run a cgi that is not revolution based
something like:


echo "Content-type: text/plain";
echo "";
echo "Hello World!";

This way, you'll see if it is a perms/ownership problem or a
revolution specific problem.
(Assuming you have a linux account and bash is there)


On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 12:16 AM, J. Landman Gay
<jacque at hyperactivesw.com> wrote:
> Andre Garzia wrote:
>> Jacque,
>> I have 2.9.0-dp-5 in CentOS running well. Always invoke it with the
>> -ui and pick the correct engine, I keep forgetting if it is the one
>> from the Standalone or the one to be used by the IDE...
>> I just checked, I am running 2.9.0 build 610 here.
>> You may need not only to set it to 755 but also set it to the correct
>> user:group using the chown command, some hosts are picky about who
>> owns the file (specially true for simple shared hosting accounts in
>> dreamhost)
> Thanks Andre, I was hoping you'd notice me. This is on a small, private
> server and I get the feeling something over there is not set up right. I
> have tried using both an old mc linux engine (the one that works fine on my
> own server) and also the standalone linux engine from 2.9. I have tried
> scripts both with and without the -ui flag (the old mc one shouldn't need
> it, but I tried it anyway.) I don't think the engine is even starting up.
> The script is the simple "echo.mt" test script. Also tried running it all
> four ways using ".cgi" as the suffix instead.
> I always get the generic 500 server error. I don't have access to the error
> logs, but a copy that was sent to me had no script errors in it at all, only
> the generic "premature end of headers" statement.
> I'll ask about the owner. Maybe that's it. I don't have control of the
> server, so I'm dependent on the admin, and he takes forever to answer
> emails.
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