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Mon Jul 28 09:14:33 EDT 2008

Hi Pierre, I too can recommend VirtualBox.  A few months ago I had a
customized version of CentOS I needed to use for some application testing,
and after I failed to get it to work after installing it in VirtualPC and
VMWare, I turned to VirtualBox... absolutely no problems there.

Innotek (the company that Sun bought VirtualBox from), was a major ISV and
supporter of OS/2 back in the day.  Hard to believe that 16 years ago there
was a desktop OS that had pre-emptive multi-tasking and a user-programmable
OO UI that would run on a 486 with 4mb of RAM, and that could run almost all
existing DOS and Windows 3.1 apps inside "Virtual Dos Machines".  OS/2 was
probably the first desktop OS to be able to run virtualized operating

My new Vista laptop can't even unzip files properly (I had to download the
old file manager I used to use on NT4 and OS/2 in order to unzip files on

Certified OS/2 Engineer

On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 10:02 AM, Pierre Sahores <psahores at> wrote:

> Hello There,
> Just a quick note to recommand Sun's VirtualBox instead of Parallels 3.xx
> i'm no more happy with...
> Lots more stable and fast ; able to run natively VMWare VMDK partitions ;
> free and commercial versions ;-)
> Kind Regards
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> Pierre Sahores
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